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Believe in Steven!
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Nightmares - Jacksepticeye x reader
Darkness. It was all you could see. The room was filled with a pitless black, you couldn't see your hand in front of your own face, if you could move them. The place felt damp, you were sat on the floor, legs tied together and your hands behind your back. All you could hear was the drip, dropping of water probably leaking from the ceiling. It was cold, so so cold. You could feel your fingers going numb and imagined they were probably blue at this point. "Hello?" you called out, but your voice croaked and it hurt to talk.
Had someone gripped your neck somehow? How did you get here? The last thing you remember was going to sleep in your apartment, right? Everything had been normal, just a skype with Jack, editing and sleep. Jack. He had seemed weird at the end of the call like he didn't want you to go but at the same time wanted you to run as fast as you can. There hadn't been any sense to it at the time but maybe he knew what was going on. But that was absurd. This was a
:iconwriteasoph:writeasoph 196 63
Jacksepticeye x Reader(One-Shot) Can I have a Hug?
Friday. The best day of the week. Or if you're me, it's the day you get to go home early. Just a little longer....come on....
"Alright, quit'n time." My boss finally came out of from his hiding spot a.k.a. his office. Before leaving he gave me one last look of disgust and immediately rushed out the door. 
"Well isn't he just Mr.Sunshine and Lollipops today?" My co-worker and long time best friend Megan said. (don't judge, I wrote this I can be in it) "Don't worry (y/n), I'll close up so you can go head home for you're date."
"How many times do I have to tell you?! It isn't a date! It's just two friends hanging out, you know as friends do."
"Sure...I could cut the sexual tension with a very dull butter knife, but you're just 'friends'." I rolled my eyes.
Megan is my best friend, even if she can be a bit rude or harsh at times. We met online around the age of 13 and in person when we were 18 at a Pax-Prime. She let me stay with her for a couple of years when I moved
:iconfangirlsunite314:FanGirlsUnite314 300 126
JackSepticEye (Sean) X Reader
“Sean, it’s a game, not a bloody cult.”
Sean looks up at (Y/N) angrily from the couch as she closes the fridge. She was smiling, his misery and fear bringing her the kind of joy only Sociopaths understand.
“You scared the crap out of me when I was playing a horror game!” He cries picking up a pillow and throwing it at her. Putting up her empty hand she swats it away.
“Then don’t be so cute when you cry.”
He pouts and looks over at the other side of the room, his determined look making it all the more entertaining. As her body comes into view he turns towards the floor, desperate not to make any sort of indication of how he really felt.
(Y/N) hands him his drink and flops down next to him, his sour look still attached to his face. Her smile never fades as she leans over to meet with his downcast eyes. She could see it, the trace of the smile she thought was dorky.
“Sean… Babe.”
He looks
:icondown-one-juice:Down-One-Juice 572 108
Something else....~JacksepticeyeXReader~ P.2
“Lack..?” You answered in interest, and somewhat confusion. Why wouldn't he ever tell you this..? He nodded sadly and looked to you again, “Lack...was one of the most important people.. That helped me start youtube..” He said in bleakness, I saw the cheerfulness drain from his eye’s, this was unlike Sean.. I’ve never seen him so sad.  I put my hand out and moved his green bang from his face, gently for reassurance I guess, he tilted his head up a little and gave me a small smile. “And.. So.. I looked up to her.. Almost all the time.. And she was the one that  helped me come up with my name, my logo’s everything..” he explained, slowly but with honesty. He took a deep breath with  his voice starting to break down, “And, one day.. She disappeared..” he faded away, oh no.. don’t tell me she’s… I thought to myself.. “I.. looked for her da
:iconsalsahero12:Salsahero12 10 2
Something Else.. ~JacksepticeyeXReader~ P.1
“(Y/N)YOU ASSHOLE!” Sean yells at you, you hear him struggling to stay alive in super smash brothers, as you took out his last life. Your Super smash brothers character danced with victory as Sean’s character stood in the back politely clapping at your victory. “BLOODY HELL (Y/N) STOP!” Sean shouted, gripping his green hair, lying back in his bean bag chair with frustration. You playfully laugh at his anger, “Haha, Sean you know this is just a game right?” You say, sitting back in your bean-bag with a deep breath after your extremely close match.. “WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME!?” Sean shouted to you, in anger almost rage. You look to him and raised your eyebrow, “Uhm..? Because It’s a videogame?” I said abashed by his questions, I mean we weren’t recording at all, usually he exaggerates during a video, but playing without recording is a different story. “YOU THINK THIS IS A GAME!?” He exclaimed leanin
:iconsalsahero12:Salsahero12 12 1
JacksepticeyeXReader: Shout it
JacksepticeyexReader: Shout it.
“I can totally talk louder then you.” You chimed, as his eyes gleamed over you from his computer screen, where he had just shouted out, showing off his screaming abilities to his fans.
He smirked, “ Oh really (Username)? I doubt you can!”
“Do not underestimate this woman!”  You shouted back, louder as you walked closer. “For I am one hell of a woman!”
And this is how, this yelling competition started.

A couple days, you snuck into his recording room. Being a close friend of his and living nearby, you use the spar key given to you to get in.
“TOP OF MORNING TO YA LADDIES-“ He started his intro like any other time, his recording set up and his fingers wrapped around his controller. Slowly, you got behind his chair and sat there.  He was playing undertale.
Slowly you waited for a bit before screaming out. “I’M THE LOUDEST!”
A scream could be heard and the chair
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Puteri Ellesya
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
hello i'm puteri nice to meet you!

i like ponies and youtubers and yuri on ice

i draw too


lyra and bon bon
wow okay good choice, tree
(i did procrastinate at posting this but hey i got school)

i got exams
Night Time~
I can't believe it only took me half of the day to make this! okay i was expecting it to be finished in two days ahh I'm so proud of myself~ AmazingPhil 7 

Used: Firealpaca
I'm sorry, Dan
(Dan and Phil in Yuri On ice AU)
I think I watch too much yuri on ice.

Review: Firealpaca
Yea I think it's not bad! It's similar with Paint Tool SAI and free!
oh god my older posts are cringe
Dan and Phil AU In Yuri On Ice~
*Back from taking a break on digital arts*
Yuri on ice is so good that I literally rewatch the episodes at my PS4.
There you go.



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